Payment Methods

The Reflex credit card is a product of the Continental Finance Company and I think you will be proud of this card. It is known for providing excellent service to cardholders. However, you can still have this credit card if you wish. Before getting it, you need to apply online on the application page. However, in order to have this credit card, it is necessary to have a high or significant credit history. Interestingly, a Reflex credit card is a Mastercard, which is accepted wherever Mastercard is accepted.


Know The Card Payment Methods

Continental Finance Company is proud to have served over 2.6 million credit cards since its inception. The Company (CFC) is focused on putting its customers first. Reflex Credit Card is a good credit card for users, although it is an expensive card with limited benefits even for people with bad credit.

Online Method

The Reflex credit card payment process is available online and offline. If you want to pay your bill online, you can use the process shown.

  • Go to the payment section of your Reflex bank card.
  • Proceed to the Pay Bill segment.
  • Add your billing information as well as your checking account information.
  • Please provide your current account number and classification code.
  • Click the Pay Invoice tab to complete the billing process.

Mailing Address

Reflex credit card mailing address is Reflex Card, P.O. PO Box 3220, Buffalo, New York 14240-3220. To pay, send your billing information and a check or money order a few days before the billing date.


Through Phone

To make payments with a Reflex credit card, you may call the following number (866) 449-4514. In order to make payments, you need to call them or follow their instructions and provide them with your payment information along with your billing information, if applicable.