Anyone looking for a way to improve their credit score will find the Reflex credit card to be another great option. It is highly advisable to have an online account for your credit card if you wish to use a credit card from them. It is important that you have an online account so that you can get a fast response and an easy application process for any product.


Structure Of Reflex Mastercard Fees

Annual And Monthly Maintenance Fees

The Reflex credit card comes with an annuity calculated before using your card. The annual fee reduces your balance.

After opening an account for one year, monthly maintenance fees may apply.

Interest Rate

The interest rate applied on Reflex Mastercard is a variable APR. As the interest rate is variable, it can change depending on the market interest rate. As long as you pay your monthly balance in full, your account will not be charged interest unless you used your card for a cash advance.

Advance Fee

Cash advances earn interest at the same rate as purchases, but unlike purchases, interest accrues from the day the transaction takes place. In addition to interest, the cardholder must also pay a cash advance fee.

A cash advance is an expensive way to get cash, so avoid it at all costs. While cash advances do not directly affect your credit score, the higher interest rates you incur can take you far beyond your 10-30% credit utilization rate.

Late Fees And Refunds

If you are late with your monthly payment or if a payment attempt cannot be processed, you may be subject to a late payment or refund penalty. If the cardholder fails to make a payment within six months of the initial charge penalty or with attempting to make a payment that can not be processed, a charge will be imposed on the cardholder.